Welcome to Nine Dragon Baguazhang in Nashua

and Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Baguazhang was introduced to the Li family by the famous Taoist, Li Cheun Yeung. Passed down through the Li family and eventually coming to Li Long Dao who brought it to America and taught it to Dr. John Painter along with the other arts of the Li family under the name of Daochichuan.

Baguazhang is taught as a principle based art designed specifically for multiple opponents. Its principles are based in the I Ching (Book of Changes) which gives it its depth of tactics that few martial arts posses. The insight into human nature that the I Ching offers also allows for the development of an integrated health system by way of Qigong which is one of the most effective being offered today.

As a martial art Baguazhang is taught in a very simplified manner with easy to understand ideas that allows a student to learn and progressively build skill levels that, in a surprisingly short amount of time, allows him to display a high level of combat effectiveness. After the initial training program a student moves on to learning the eight palms each of which can be considered a complete martial art in its own right. A palm is not only a shape that combines a hand and body posture but also an attitude which can be used to engage an opponent, idea or health challenge. A lifetime can be spent exploring all the intricacies and methods that each of the palms have.