Charlie Pasquariello

2Shizi (Instructor) Pasquariello has undergone and completed rigorous certification testing for the programs listed below under Shifu Painter and Shifu Castaldo in the Li Family Baguazhang system. He is honored to be one of only a handful of individuals to have completed this training and been given permission to lead a branch school.

For several years, Mr. Pasquariello honed his skills under the tutelage of Shifus Painter and Castaldo before becoming the head instructor for the Boston group (located in Chinatown). Prior to dedicating himself to Jiulong Baguazhang, he studied several other internal and external martial arts. Mr. Pasquariello holds a B.S. in Engineering Management from WPI and currently works as a Sales Engineer in the Automation Industry.

 Shizi Pasquariello has completed his certifications in:

  • Dragon Rolling the Pearl (Jiulong Basics Program)
  • Heaven Palm
  • Lake Palm
  • Fire Palm
  • Thunder Palm
  • Wind Palm

In addition, he is a Sergeant in the PKC (Physical Knowledge Control) program.